Land in the Sky: After That Visit to Walden Pond

When we emerged from the cocktail lounge, it became clear–largely because daylight had returned or maybe had become something other than it ordinarily is–that we should have stuck to beer and ignored what was happening on the television. In any case, now we had to find a ride home and figure out all over again–or maybe for the first time–who we were and how we got there. You went first. The rest are still waiting for your call.

6 thoughts on “Land in the Sky: After That Visit to Walden Pond”

  1. I feel for you Tom, I suffered from a depression when I was 15-16 years old, it was simply because I was the class nerd back then and I remember there were these 4 jocks in class who had nothing better to do all day than bully me and tease me about my shortcomings, but i talked to a therapist for about 6 months or something and it really did wonders. I hope everything works out for you dude!

  2. Memo to ipone scale; "What is it good for"? Gee, where do I start? Insomnia, Hypertension, pain relief, shall I go on? As for the rest of us that "use it for the wrong reason"…TO GIGGLE LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!! lol!!!

  3. Wow. The way your friend recognized the work as yours was extremely telling. Did you start to feel like you were set up from the start? Sorry, I know…wait until next week. But it feel like my weeks have gotten longer, waiting for your next blog.

  4. Fint stemningsbilde Det er sÃ¥ greit her jeg bor for jeg har “aldri” dette problemet – lav sol og tÃ¥ke. For det første har jeg nesten ikke sol ) og for det andre er det blitt godt ut pÃ¥ formiddagen før solen klatrer fjella Men sikkert en fin opplevelse..hehe..

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