Land in the Sky: Bambi Noshes on Tweety Bird

Bambi-the-Bird-NosherWe went out to dinner the other night with my buddy Charles. He told us about this video in which a deer eats a bird. Yes, a deer eats a bird. We did not believe him and told him as much. So he pulled out his iPhone and brought up the video and we watched.

Still, I did not believe him. I protested that this was just another internet gimmick. I went on and on about how you can make anything happen on a computer. Charles is a lawyer. He just held up his hand and said: “That’s okay. That’s okay. Your Honor, I have my answer.”

Then our waitress came over. A young woman, still in high school, polite, sweet. She is working hard to save a little money for college. I asked her: “Did you know that deer eat birds?” She said, “No they don’t.” Charles smiled, not without a bit of smugness, and showed her the video.

She stared at the iPhone in silent, horrified disbelief, until—in a soft, soft voice, on the precipice of tears—she said: “I find that . . . very disturbing.”