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How to Watch Avengers Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo argue the Fantastic Free needs a Endgame Online movie” after two big screen iterations failed to properly adapt Marvel’s Watch Avengers Endgame Online family, but how and when that happens is under the purview of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Disney-owned Marvel Studios won the right to develop the Fantastic Four and X-Men properties upon Disney completing its $71.3 billion acquisition of 20th Century Fox’s entertainment assets, granting the Marvel Cinematic Universe the ability to utilize such ancillary characters as fan-favorites Deadpool, Doctor Doom, and the Silver Surfer.

“There’s a whole layer of complexity to the whole equation that had to play out first. The business issue was announced and achieved first,” added Anthony. “Now the creative work begins.”

After four back-to-back Marvel movies, the Russo brothers are putting a pause on s