Jake Gyllenhaal’s debut with MCU as Mysterio Far from Home

Following the emotional ending of Avengers: Endgame , Marvel’s cinematic universe returns to actor Tom Holland ‘s next adventure as the friendly Neighbor Spider-Man, bringing Peter Parker with friends I came with a very interesting, fun-filled journey around Europe and the giant elemental evil. Spider-Man: Far From Home also marked Jake Gyllenhaal’s debut with MCU as Mysterio , and the trailers depict this character from another Earth, seeking help to defeat the students. The object is called The Elementals .Recently, actor Gyllenhaal uploaded a video of his Instagram, showing the “incarnation” process into Mysterio for the movie Far From Home . Combined with a majestic soundtrack, the video time-lapse shows a small team of costume artists in the armor covering Mysterio ‘s chest and cloak , while the actor himself tries to create Nature for working professionals. And as you can see, Edna Mode ‘s “no-robe” principle in The Incredibles seems to be quite accurate, when the cloak costs the most, because the shoulder part requires a high level of concentration.