Fenway has been fed by IT 2 that Pennywise

seemed to be the epitome of Stephen King’s universe. The childhood fears embodied in the first film in the form of a vicious and murderous clown now take on an almost cosmic dimension as the origins of evil return and appear in the quiet, cursed town of Derry, Maine. The heroes of the previous chapter are now required not only to redeem themselves but to save future generations.

“This: Part 2” opens with a violent homophobic encounter, which reveals that Pennywise (Bill Scarsgard), the horror clown, is back to haunt the town (the victim, by the way, plays queer film director Casbia Dolan). This incident is intended to show that hate crimes, violence and racism are exactly what Fenway has been fed by – which is nothing more than a macabre supernatural embodiment of evil that exists in society on a daily basis. At any rate, this is the alarm signal that brings Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), the only one of the group of children known as the “losers” who remain in town, to call his friends from time to time to face the fear