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Another great UFC activity Rose Namajunas vs Jessica Andrade stream online lined for the year is the UFC 237 Live. This is scheduled Online to hold in May 11 and the venue free is going to be in Brazil. The main contest in that card includes the much-expected fight between UFC strawweight champion currently holds by Rose Namajunas. It will be against her main challenger Jessica Andrade also known as Bate Estaca.

This will be a tough fight because the champion is going to take the battle to her enemy. The challenger is a native of Brazil. That fight taking place in Brazil is not the only main event scheduled to take place at that venue. It will be expected that it will be headlined by the name Brazil, as this is not the first time this is happening. It has happened for at least 30 other times.

There are other possible events fixed for the day. Most of the cards on that fight are merely speculations. Nobody now is sure of anything. The total schedule for that day is scheduled to be released in a few weeks to come.

Here are some of the possible fights that will take place that day. One of the fights that could take place includes the fight between Amanda Nunes against Cris Cyborg 2. This fight is going to be a rematch as they had fought. The fight is going to be historic for a number of reasons. First, is that it is the first super fight for the female category in the history of MMA and it is the first of such a rematch. Many things will be at stake here. Another thing that makes that encounter unique is that the rematch is going to happen in no other place than in Brazil. The first encounter was at UFC 232 where many things transpired.

Much is expected in that encounter because Cris Cyborg who is the challenger used to be the champion and she will work hard to regain the title from the only woman who has defeated her for the past thirteen years. For the defender, Amanda will go all out to show that she is the real champion. This fight could be the biggest event of that card.

The fight will mean a lot to this champion. She has made history as the only and the first woman to become a double champion. These two top female fighters are from and it means a lot to two of them that the fight is going to take place in their home country before their local fans.

Cyborg, the challenger’s contract is bound to end in March. She faces many limitations because of that. She may not engage in another tough battle before that. The toughest fight she is going to face is that against Amanda Nunes.

Even the UFC president and the champion do not see anything in that fight. Cyborg may have to wait long it that bout do not take place or she has to explore another option.