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71 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello,

    Do you guys not have hard copy issues anymore? At least I haven’t seen any in/around Frisco in a while…just curious. I love Mountain Gazette, I just never see it in the boxes around town. I frequently patronize the businesses that I see advertised in there as well.



  2. Any more FLASHBACKS coming on-line? How about MG#1 – if possible…
    Are there ANY existing Skiers Gazettes ?
    Thanks – keep up the great work:Jay J

  3. Jay,

    Unfortunately, this is all we have. We just reposted #28, December 1974, which has an excerpt from the Monkey Wrench Gang and a piece by Royal Robbins inside.

  4. Hello! I am on vacation in Durango after a long stint in my hometown of Bend where I recently opened a community based ski and bike shop. We have been in business almost one year and am starting to build a solid community of people who would really appreciate reading the Gazette. A little backstory: my dad was an immigrant from Tuscany who moved to SF in the 60’s when he discovered the little gem town of Mt. Shasta. He began skiing there and works at a local mill. His only inspiration was skiing and hunting. His first piece of literature that he read (and truly understood) was Dick Dorworths “Night Driving”. To this day, he has the original copy. In 2001, just after you began remaking MG, Dick presented a reading in Mt. Shasta when my dad got to meet one of his heros…as a result, I have become close friends with Dick and his 1979’s bearded face is the first thing you see when you walk into my shop.
    Bottom line is: MG directed me to a life if outdoor adventure that has taken me all over the world. And now, not living within areas of distribution, I ask friends to save special editions when my subscription lapses.
    My question is: what are the chances of getting some copies at my shop to distribute to my customers and friends, and could that be possible as a result if advertising ?!
    Thanks for the response.

  5. If you are no longer printing the mountain gazette, what are you going to do with the newspaper racks that are in Aspen? There are quite a few of them and they are getting full of trash and look bad empty.

  6. Could you all get me in touch with a Ms Paula Wright. She wrote an article for you in June 4 2013 named “A Climbing Guide to the University of Wyoming”. I have questions about some of the climbs that she outlined in that article. I also have a few more climbs around campus that might add to the story.

    1. Matt – Paula Wright now lives and teaches in Eugene,OR: she can be found on FaceBook or do you know Brian Scoggins… he’s with her in OR and can alos be found on FB…

  7. re: Spider—ah, I remember it well. It was such huge news–especially since Andy Williams and family were supposedly the all American Family.

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  9. Hi, I am looking to team up with Search & Rescue Volunteer outside of United States. Do you have network with partners in Singapore/ Malaysia/ Thailand/ Indonesia?
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  10. Trying to find a back issue with the Victoria Christian painting “destination Sun” on it…somewhere between 2006 and 2008 is my guess…blonde girl riding a bike I to the rolling green hills…can you help and do you have any hard copies? Thank you

  11. Howdy,

    I was wondering if you guys were hiring? Where can I go to find out more about job opportunities with you? I can send in my resume if necessary!

    Kelly Porter

  12. Permission sought to reproduce my prose poem ‘The Hillary Step’ published by Mountain Gazette (on-line and I think in print Edition 159) in September 2009:
    Greetings –
    I have just completed a comprehensive book (44,000 words) about the journey beyond colorectal cancer detection, based on my experience as a Stage 3, ten-year colorectal cancer survivor. The information presented is intended to be of practical and supportive value to colorectal cancer patients, their caregivers and family. My story is infused with personal anecdotes, perceptions about life, humor and some of my previously published poetry – all integral features of my journey as a cancer survivor.
    I am not sure whether there are intellectual property rights to be considered, so to be on the safe side, I seek Mountain Gazette magazine’s permission to include my poem ‘The Hillary Step’ in my book.
    Please respond to my email address:
    Many thanks,
    Mallory McComish

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  14. MG,

    Its winding down isn’t it?

    Yep, love your lean six sigma approach. Thats what will rule your mountain kiddies lives when they move far far away and live under the thumb of something you would have spit on in your distant prime.

    Bout 7 years too late you will realize that you strangle the fountain once loved with only electronic publication.

    The online form does serve the needs of the fly mentalities. “oh its bright and cool (for 20 seconds).” …and then with time, the staff echoes the fly mentalities. Lots of alcohol will be necessary.

    Just hate it when these minds power in at the on ramp. Following, see how they swerve. Accelerate for nothing, brake at ghosts. Their love must be so strong, so nourishing.

    D. Arcata.

  15. There is a metal box that I believe is a Mountain Gazette related box on our hillside. It is a mess. Is it related to your organization? If so, can it be removed?

    Location: Intersection of Lord Gore and Royal Buffalo Dr above Silverthorne.

    Stan Wagon
    Board of Direx.
    Mesa Cortina Homeowners Association

  16. Hello,
    I came across a pile of old issues of Mountain gazette that were collected by my late Uncle. They were in storage with my grandmother. Is there any vintage value of these issues for your flashback section? I see that you don’t have all issues, and mentioned on bother comment that the posted issues were all you had.

  17. Hello, my name is Lauryn Sweetland, I am the daugther of David Sweetland who has previously written for you. I am comenting to in regards to my dad, to see if there is any way to get the archives of his work for you. he has past onto another life and i am looking for a way to gather all his work he was written. if this is in any way possible please e-mail me. thank you so much. – lauryn

    1. Lauryn,
      No success on my question about interest in the old issues I found. Let me know if you are interested in what I found. I haven’t looked through them too much, but there are a few dozen issues from the 70-80’s.

  18. Super crazy off-chance: I am looking for an article you ran in–ready?– probably 2006-07? Thought I kept the mag, but haven’t been able to find it. I thought it was titled “Night Flight” or something along those lines. Main character is this old guy, a war vet. He is sitting around a table with his family and wife of, obviously, many, many years. He has cancer, has a hole in his face stuffed with gauze. The article talks of a his time in WWII when he and a crew on a plane flew a high ranking into some super hairy shit that they shouldn’t have made it into, sit on the runway for 15 minutes, only to immediately load guy back up, turn around, and have to fly the high-ranking back out through the shit again. It parellels this with a mountain lion out in the dark tough spring with cubs, and she smells the elk calves as a thunderstorm rolls in a starts to light up the mountains. But what its really about is all that shit and life.

    In the end the old timer is sitting at the table, across from his wife of many years . Everyone else has gone to bed. Hole in his face. And he and his wife are just smiling at each other, in silence. Nothing needed to be said. Life…

    Know which one I’m talikin’ about? Totally appreciate it if you do. Great piece that moved me every time…

  19. Sick at heart with the purely online presence. Paper is durable, share able and real, as your topic.

    Mebbe should change slogan to:
    “When in doubt, go virtual and breathe less and less real mountain air while you pretend you still live.”

    Its a lovely corpse, for the moment though. Pretty colors.

    The day this thing finally implodes due to greed or lack of heart, This Californian is moving to Colorado and opening a gun shop or chemical supply house…or Think Tank. Fear that…

    Love, Dave

  20. ANY chance you’ll start adding some More old reprints from the Original issues in Flashback? I’d love to see MG #1…. If not, anything from the originals up to the last original issues before the hiatus…
    Sincerely – Jay J

  21. #11 of this article spoke of songs about Colorado. We’re looking for “If God doesn’t live in Colorado….” which was performed by the Flying W country artists in Montrose several years ago. The words are different from those in song Merle Haggard performed. Would you have any idea where we could look?

  22. Hi Guys,

    I am hoping that you will be able to help me out or give me some ideas: I am looking to track down a band that was based in Carbondale in the mid to late 70’s. The only thing I know about the band is one of the members was Terry Reed Harris and they had at least one album pressed on vinyl. Terry Harris is my spouses father and she was estranged until Terry’s death and is now looking for connection with her father. Do you have any ideas where I can start looking for a copy of the record? Or where a band based in Carbondale in the 70’s would have recorded for an album? Even ideas about how I would find the band’s name would be helpful.

    Thank you so much!

  23. I’m sitting in the Prost Brewery in Denver finishing a Keller Pils, having just eaten a Chubby’s smothered deluxe bean burrito with chicharones. Having bitten on a an Elevation Outdoors article in an email, I was further drawn to Articles by M Michael Brady in Mountain Gazette. Holy Cow! MG! M Michael Brady! I always loved his articles in MG and to find more is as fine as a face shot of cold smoke powder! What a pleasure. I hope this isn’t just some kind of archive an this MG site is a resurrection from the dead. I’m worried that I’ll not find new writings and this is all an illusion. Please say it ain’t so, Joe. I can’t be the only one out there. There must be more of us lonely souls, a pining and a fretting for MG. I’d even contribute if I can.

  24. While I’m at it, you ran an obituary on Dolores in 2007 that I read at the Fowler-Hillard Hut. I didn’t keep it and have been looking for it ever since (off and on). Can you reprint it on this website? I would be most grateful.

  25. Do you have a digital copy of past Mountain Gazettes? I’m looking to get a copy of a few of my pieces that appeared in the magazine (1999 – 2007) for my portfolio.

  26. Hello,
    I am speaking on behalf of Natural Capitalism Solutions, a Longmont based non-profit committed to helping communities, companies and countries implement sustainability more profitably.
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    Thank you for your time and consideration and we look forward to hearing from you.

  27. Can you tell me when issue 119 was published. The cover is a red dog curled up in front of a wood stove in a cabin. Thanks

  28. I just now googled mountain gazette and found it’s now online. I used to read it in the 70’s – I think they used to have it at Westridge in West LA back then. In those days it was a black and white, kind of oversized magazine. I still remember one photo of a barn with a sign that said, “The higher you get, the higher you get.” I thought the mag had gone out of business for awhile but I see it’s back and still true to the soul of the outdoors… like Powder Magazine was back at that time.

  29. Good afternoon,

    I have a story about an experienced climber taking a forty foot fall in The New River Gorge, West Virginia. I am wondering if you are interested in reading and publishing it? I would be more than happy to send it your way!

  30. So – is the On-line MG really Still in existence…. nothing New fir quite awhile. Please hang in there…

  31. I subscribed in the 1970’s and have 30 print issues from #41-#76/77 with the following issues missing, #58, #60, #61, #70, #71 and a duplicate of #56 included. I have posted them on Craigslist in San Francisco at $150 which comes to $5/issue. The going eBay or Amazon price seems to be $20 each.

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  33. Hi, my name is Paul Karolyi, and I make a podcast called Changing Denver. I’d love to make an episode about the Mountain Gazette, its original incarnation and it’s resurgence today.

    Is there someone there I can interview for the piece? The current editor or ideally a participant in the rebirth project?

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    Чем читабельней текст объявления, тем проще человеку с ним познакомиться.

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    Такой подход отчасти оправдан для некоторых категорий (предложение работы или услуги, к примеру), но в целом он проигрывает простой человеческой беседе. Не нужно выдавливать из себя что-то вроде:
    Данное объявление предлагает всем заинтересованным лицам матрас нового состояния по демократичным ценам и быстрой доставкой.

    Такие форматы выглядят нелепо и отталкивают многих.
    Гораздо мудрее – создать что-то вроде текста-беседы, в котором вы просто и без надутых щек рассказываете о товаре. Например, так:

    Продаю отличный матрас в практически новом состоянии. Все чистенько, нет дырок, потертостей и зашитых мест. Матрас использовался очень редко, так что вы получите совершенно новый оригинальный товар за 60 % его реальной стоимости.
    Причина продажи – купили новые кровати, а в них уже есть матрасы. Торопитесь, покупка очень выгодная и все без подвоха. Дам пощупать, полежать, осмотреть с лупой.
    Причина продажи. Если вы не представитель магазина и продаете что-то свое, обязательно укажите причину продажи. Это действует на людей успокаивающе и закрывает многие возможные вопросы. Например, покупателю кажется, что бетонные кольца для канализации за треть стоимости – слишком подозрительно. А ну как их купишь, а потом придет милиция?! Это может отпугнуть.

    Если же сразу написать, что кольца эти вы продаете только потому, что продали участок, на котором они находятся, и новый владелец требует освободить место, то у покупателя уже не будет вопросов. Наоборот, он обрадуется столь любимой в России дармовщинке.

    Зачем это мне? Не забывайте «включать» фантазию у потенциального покупателя. Обязательно объясняйте, зачем и где может быть использован товар. Это правило касается как частных объявлений, так и продающих объявлений для компаний, работающих на Avito.
    Например, продаете вы спальный мешок. Если просто написать, что продается спальный мешок, процент откликнувшихся будет одним. Если же добавить к объявлению небольшое пояснение о том, зачем нужен мешок, откликнется уже гораздо больше народа.

    Например, так:
    Мешок идеален как для походов, так и для поездок на рыбалку или просто для активного отдыха. Можно даже сложить его в багажник машины, и доставать в случае особых обстоятельств. Места мешок занимает чуть-чуть, а вот удобная и теплая ночевка в случае непредвиденной или экстренной ситуации вам гарантирована.
    Не жалейте слов, когда они идут на пользу.

    Юмор. Никто не просит вас становиться вторым Петросяном и составлять текст объявления из одних анекдотов, но капелька юмора в тексте не помешает. Для читателя это выглядит так, словно продавец ему улыбнулся. Всем нравятся, когда им улыбаются – это сразу располагает.

    Заканчивайте текст призывом к действию. На сайты объявлений ходят за тем, чтобы купить выгодный товар по случаю. Людям хочется чувствовать, что они сами нашли что-то интересное и достойное по приятной цене. Пусть ваш призыв к действию будет это учитывать, а также будет позитивен и ярок. Например:
    Звоните сразу, готов дать небольшую скидку
    Товар быстро расходится, позвоните или напишите, я забронирую за вами
    Покупайте сейчас, распродаю по старому курсу
    У квартиры есть еще масса плюсов, позвоните – расскажу

    И так далее. Призыв к действию – это курок продающего объявления, который заставляет человека перестать ходить по Авито и немедленно взяться за телефон. И не важно, читает ли человек объявление магазина, частного лица или компании. Принцип одинаков.

    Это все, что мы хотели рассказать вам о написании объявлений. Помните, что слова имеют огромную силу, и тот, кто умеет ими пользоваться, всегда будет впереди остальных. Если у вас есть вопросы или дополнения, предлагаем перейти в комментарии.
    P.S. И не забывайте давать не только телефон, но и почту для контакта: в Интернете полно интровертов, которым проще написать, чем позвонить незнакомому человеку.

    Добра вам и хороших продаж!

    Предлагаем вам новую электронную версию газеты “Курьер”
    Информационные СМИ и редакции газет с актуальной информацией об адресах, номерах телефонов, адресах электронной почты сотрудников, указанием официального сайта и другой информацией.
    Контакты рекламного отдела: +7 (4725) 47-05-61, 47-05-64, 44-55-55.
    Адрес на карте города: микрорайон Солнечный, д. 36, здание ТОЦ “Солнечный”, офис 327. Рабочее время компании: пн-пт 9:00-18:00.

    Полимерные покрытия – это эффективное решение для создания прочных, долговечных и простых в уходе наливных полов в гараже, закрытых паркингах, открытых стоянках. Их достоинства – влаго- и огнестойкость, устойчивость к воздействию ГСМ, масел.
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