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This magazine was published under the name Skiers’ Gazette from 1966 until 1972. It was published as Mountain Gazette from 1972-1979. After a 20-plus- year hiatus, it was reborn in 2000 as a monthly magazine, with national distribution at gear shops, java huts, bookstores, brewpubs, bars, lodging facilities and by paid subscription of $25 for 12 issues.

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Is it possible to find back issues of the original Mountain Gazette (pre-1980) on line? There are articles from the late 1970s that I would like to find and read again.

    1. I am in Dire need of a few copies of issue 107. A friend of mine, Charles Clayton wrote an article about this old LOCAL dude who just ripped on this new kid in town who we had never seen about the history of the Fraser Valley and then there was a test to take to see if you Really are a Local. Hoping Charley has it in the archives. Any help would be appreciated.
      The Old Dude

    2. I climbed around Boulder in the 70’s and have issues 63,64/5, 67,69,76/7 Good condition —- What is the value of these?

  2. OMFG the Mt Gazette alive again! I just re-opened a letter from George (Sibley) from 1974 re our writing in the Mt Gazette (we both loved Mike for some of the same reasons)—specifically about Ed Abbey…and I thought I better write him back before one of us leaves this earth for Li Po’s green-mountain heaven…need his email…and that of Bill Rollins and George Stranahan—who gave me my first outdoor sculpture exhibit in Aspen 1969…I’ve been editing my journals from the early 70’s when I lived in the Southwest along with writing ghost conversations to Abbey one of which involves my discovering in Snyder’s BACK COUNTRY the inspiration for a vision-projection of what Ed might have written had he lived viz a really “substantial” work of fiction where unlike in A FOOL’S PROGRESS he woulda/coulda more successfully wrestled with his ashura-demons…I also tell his ghost how he actually did produce something like A Moveable Feast re his ONE LIFE AT A TIME plus maybe a few essays from BEYOND THE WALL —plus the intro…Ed just needed an editor…could still use one for another Abbey Reader which would confront head-on the killer conflict in Ed (and nearly every other writer) re juggling fiction and non-fiction writing…

  3. oh—and that was quite something George Sibley finding Abbey’s writing that identified an urban wasteland wilderness… something Mike and I sort of danced around when I was back in Pasadena (for what became 6-7 years) wondering what I might write for the MG readership…also at an end was my outdoor earth-molded sculpturing (I had shows at Aspen Physics Institute, Cerrillos NM. and Tucson mountains 1969-71-73)…however I began building stone walls, streams and waterfalls, stone-gardens and stone formations—becoming over the years acquainted and reacquainted with riverbeds and quarries all over the Western U.S and beyond…began doing what Andy Goldsworthy would become famous for…though not in the country…wrote about Charles Lummis and Robinson Jeffers building their stone houses on the urban fringe…and belatedly learned about the great wood sculpture of recluse J.B Blunk who also lived in West Sonoma Co…during a time when I was writing art reviews and could have helped his career…we both had worked in ceramics and knew Noguchi…lots of material like this that might have gone to a West Coast Mt Gazette…which I thought about as some of you will remember from the MG wake in Boulder…looking back can’t tell you how many artists and writers in the Southwest who I might have interviewed—remember Mike asking about Bill Eastlake…and I was to meet Georgia O’Keeffe with my students…actually visited Frank Waters with them…went fly-fishing with John Nichols in Taos but never dropped him a note…or bothered to visit Ken Price and Dennis Hopper who knew people I knew in SoCal…no email in those days of course…to graphically illustrate the underlying and maybe unifying theme of this here “comment”—go to youtube for John Nichols’ tribute to Abbey at his AZ wake…which is also a tribute to John’s great extroverted spirit: re how he smoked Ed out of his introversion with postcards…in fact not long after my article in the Gazette BUTTERFLY TRACKS ETC (1973) I started postcard-like ghost-conversations with Ed—conversations which really started snowballing with the advent of Google…where I noted for example how we knew the same people (one of these became my second wife) and how we just missed each other in Utah and Colorado before meeting at Navajo Community College (1971) which I now think was probably not at my invitation but because of Phil Reno who had been in Taos with Ed on the shortlived Lefty newspaper…cyber-tracks…

    1. Chuck! That is an amazing story. I’m a journalist in Denver and I just learned about the Mountain Gazette (Ed Abbry starts his Motorcycle Maintenance review with a reference). I was fascinated to learn about such a storied publication, and your story made me tear up. Would you be open to an interview with me for a story about the Gazette?

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